How we work

Mega Collections is one of the leaders in the field of pottery, baskets and decorative items in Europe. Our customers are located both inside and outside Europe, in total in 45 countries. The types of customers include, among others, garden centers, DIY stores, wholesalers, chain stores and e-commerce companies throughout the whole world.

In the pottery and decoration market Mega Collections can be considered, with our way of working, the odd one out. However, our method has proven successful. For example, figures from many of our customers show that our products have some of the highest turnover rates and largest margins in their stores. How do we do this? We’re proud to explain.

Extensive product choice for various target groups

Mega Collections does not focus solely on any one target group, preferring a more coordinated approach across many product groups. We do not say 'Enjoy your home' for nothing; with this coordinated approach we strive to create a cosy feel in the house, garden, balcony and terrace. We also recognize that tastes and budgets vary, and as such we ensure our product ranges evolve to take this into account.

As a retailer, you can also choose from a wide range of pots, baskets, zinc and decorative items for indoor and outdoor use at Mega Collections. All of these items are available in various colors, styles, models, sizes and prices. In this way, we at Mega Collections can easily help you put together an assortment that suits the different demands of your customers.

Dynamic assortment

Our total product range consists of around 5500 articles, and to keep this large number of items fresh and up to date, we change or modify up to half of them each year.

In developing and purchasing this range of products, we look at the latest trends and innovations,  and also at the needs and demands of the various consumers.

Our products are produced all over the world, approximately 75% in Asia, 20% within Europe and 5% in other countries. We source and hold in stock a high level of each product based on its individual demand.

The product groups that all of these items fall into rise and fall over time, and when we see the demand for a product group decline and rise in another group, we are quick to shift our focus. This speed and flexibility gives our customers confidence that Mega Collections can deliver the right product quickly.

We are always working hard within all of our product groups, and that focus is demand led, concentrating on the needs and trends of customers. This way we keep our own assortment as well as yours, dynamic and interesting. We want that for ourselves, for you and for your customers too!

Always in stock

Through our subsidiary Mega Logistics, we takes care of the entire logistics process. Our stock holding is held within the 50,000 m2 of warehousing in Waalwijk, Netherlands. This means that we are ideally located to deliver throughout Europe quickly and on time. As a result , we will make sure your shelves remain full whilst keeping your inventory to a minimum.

If you’re interested in purchasing large numbers, we also deliver direct containers saving time and costs meaning lower prices and or higher margins.

The most competitive price

Mega Collections understands how important a competitive price is for you, as a retailer. That is why we ensure that we keep costs as low as possible, so we can offer the best price.

We do this by saving costs at all possible levels, but without making concessions to the quality and appearance of the products.

How do we manage to do this?

  • We have invested intensively in our supplier base, in the quality and distribution of our products, and have a large robust network as a result. We can quickly identify a suitable supplier for every new product and ensure the best price.
  • We continuously optimize production in cooperation with our suppliers, to ensure costs remain low.
  • Due to our size as a leader in the market, we are able to commit to large quantities, and as a result an even better cost.
  • We handle all of our own inventory management and all of the logistical processes from start to finish. As a result, we not only save on expenses, but we also maintain control over this whole process , something that gives our customers extra confidence.
  • We like to keep it simple. We do not run brand and logo campaigns, and you won’t find our name on every article in big letters. This reduces overheads, and as a result we are able to keep the price down, something that is far more important!

The result? For every product the most competitive price-quality ratio with the most beautiful appearance.

If you are happy, we are happy! 

Together we strive for the best product mix and the delivery of perfect service at all levels. The team at Mega Collections does everything for you on a daily basis in order to make you a happy customer.

We like to make an extra effort
Do you have a special requirement ? Do you want a special label, or an unusual delivery date? We will do our utmost to provide it.

We are flexible and like to think along with you
If your requirement does not fit in with our well-trodden paths, we will gladly create new paths. After all, we understand that our customers, just like yours, have different needs.

We will make sure that you receive the correct sales support
Mega Collections are happy to give your sales a boost. For example, there are various options for POS, a large database of lifestyle images is available and we can give you more background information about the product. As you can see, we can create tailor made solutions for your business.

We make sure that problems are resolved
Of course we always do our utmost to solve any problems if they arise. We are really only happy if you are!

No nonsense 

We not only want everyone to feel at home in their own home, but also at Mega Collections. That is why we like to keep it informal here. We do not wear tailor-made suits and do not use fancy words. Your just as likely to find the directors in the warehouse with pots, as in their offices. At Mega Collections, everyone can just be themselves. This promotes pleasant and long-term relationships.

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